Adopt-A-Maple Level 1: Sugar Maple

Golden Dog Farm LLC

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We’ll select one of the Golden Dog Maples for you and will recognize your support by commemorating the tree in honor of your favorite dog for the upcoming sugar season. You'll receive a digital image of the tree for you to share with friends and family, and if you like, we'll share an image of your tree and a brief write-up of your favorite memory of your beloved four-legged friend on our instagram account.

You’ll also receive two bottles (375ML) of this season’s Golden Dog Maple Syrup – syrup made from sap that your pet’s tree contributed to the harvest!

To round out your adoption package, we’ll send you a custom-made maple ornament that has the Golden Dog Farm Logo on one side with the year of commemoration, and on the reverse, it will include your pet’s name and the GPS coordinates of the tree.

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