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Divine Provenance: Single-Tree Maple Syrup
Divine Provenance: Single-Tree Maple Syrup

December 08, 2021 4 Comments

At the end of this maple syrup "provenance-focused positioning exercise," I wondered if we could get even more granular? Could we make and market a maple syrup from a single tree?

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Vandemic Trip in Great Redwoods, RV Life, Life Before Golden Dog Farm
It Was A 17,000 Mile Drive To Get Here

October 17, 2021 26 Comments

Our friends and family wonder how, and why, we so dramatically changed the course of our lives. Leaving the comfort, support and familiarity of friends and family in Cincinnati to end up on a farm in rural Vermont (to call it rural Vermont is admittedly a bit redundant) where we basically knew no one.

Well, it's complicated.

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