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The Much-Maligned Dandelion
The Much-Maligned Dandelion

May 20, 2024 1 Comment

In fact, the dandelion, a plant we now attack with herbicidal vengeance was once so highly regarded, early European colonists took great pains to transport it from the Old World to the New. That’s right: the dandelion was no zebra mussel-style stowaway. It was brought to these shores on purpose, by the Pilgrims as lore would have it. 

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Dewey patiently waiting to grab a Bellcate School Dog Treat.
Good Treats That Do Good!

September 09, 2023 7 Comments

Bellcate School Dog Treats not only fill the bellies of your pups with goodness, but the program fills the students and their families with hope and enthusiasm as they see and feel the impact of this far-reaching program

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The Bees Will Get A Charge Out of This!
The Bees Will Get A Charge Out of This!

April 13, 2023 6 Comments

As a bee flies through the air, the extreme rapid flapping of her wings builds up a positive static electric charge. The pollen grains of a flower hold a negative charge and when a bee lands on that flower, that fine pollen gets shaken loose from that flowers anther. It's attracted to the positively charged hairs on the bees body, so it just leaps onto the bee without her having to touch it!

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The Story Behind National Pancake Day!
The Story Behind National Pancake Day!

February 20, 2023 5 Comments

I've always been a curious sort, so when I went to put together a National Pancake Day promotion this week for Golden Dog Farm Maple Syrup, I was inclined to dig a bit to find out why Shrove Tuesday, or the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday is also known as National Pancake Day. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are located in Jeffersonville, VT. Just a few minutes away from Smugglers' Notch Ski Resort and, during the summer when "the Notch" is open, 20 or so minutes away from Stowe. In the winter when the Notch is closed, the drive around the mountain from Stowe adds about 20 minutes.

On the Smugglers' Notch side of the mountain, here are a few of our favorites:

Smugglers' Notch Resort

Sterling Ridge Resort

Stony Grove Farm

For Campers + RVers:

Brewster River Campground

Smugglers Notch RV Village

On the Stowe side of the mountain: 

Spruce Peak

Talta Lodge

In nearby Morrisville:

Muddy Moose Log Cabin Resort

There are plenty of great options for places to stay. We hope this helps get you started in your planning!

While we would love to include everyone’s dogs, we aren’t able to accommodate dogs at the Golden Retriever Experience other than the Butternut Goldens or Golden Dog Farm pups.

Goldens (and other dogs) are welcome to join us for the Golden Dog Farm General Tour (Bees and Maple Trees). They’ll also be joining one or both of the resident Goldens here who accompany the tours.

The Golden Retriever Experience is basically an hour long play date with a dozen or so adult Golden Retrievers in a magnificent setting.

The majority of the Goldens arrive from Butternut Goldens. Everyone has a chance to meet and hang out with the dogs before they are let out of the truck. And then they run and want to play ball. After the dogs burn off some energy, we head into the barn and surround ourselves with the happy of goldens. If the weather dictates, we will move the experience fully inside to one of our barns with a woodburning stove. 

In terms of giving it as a gift, we have an option for that. The gift certificate package which is $99 includes a stuffed golden retriever wearing a Golden Dog Farm bandana to give you something tangible to gift with the certificate (you can add additional gift certificates for other attendees for $75). In addition, Gift certificate holders will have priority spots set aside until two weeks before each event to ensure that there will be availability for them to redeem for future dates.

https://goldendogfarm.com/collections/experiences/products/golden-retriever-experience-gift-package (https://goldendogfarm.com/collections/experiences/products/golden-retriever-experience-gift-package)

All tours or experiences are booked through our website.

There is an Experiences Button on the Menu Bar - if you hover over it, a drop down menu will show you the General Farm Tour, Bee Experience, Golden Retriever Experience and Wines and Wags Experience beneath it.

The booking details are at the bottom of the page below the reviews. You first have to click on "Select a Time," then you can check on available dates and complete your booking. If when you select a time, it says "No Time Slots Available," that means we are sold out. If we are sold out, be sure and add your name to our waitlist as we will reach out to the list, should an opening become available.

No. Golden Dog Farm is not a breeder and we neither adopt nor offer dogs for adoption. We partner with Butternut Goldens, a well-known nearby breeder for our Golden Retriever Experiences. Butternut Goldens has over 25 years of experience breeding and raising Golden Retrievers.


We are located in Jeffersonville, VT just over "The Notch" from Stowe and 7 minutes away from Smugglers' Notch Ski Resort.

Burlington and Burlington Airport (the nearest airport to us) is 45 minutes away. There is minimal public transportation outside of Burlington. Most people rent a car at the airport and drive here.

Some people choose to fly into Boston, rent a car and drive here. (Boston is 3.5 hours away.) Or they fly to Montreal, rent a car and drive here (Montreal is 2 hours away).

Golden Dog Farm is a working farm and private residence, so we don't have regular business hours - and there is not an option for walk-ins or drop-in visits.

There are basically two ways to visit the farm - reserve and attend one of our tours/experiences (dates available are on the booking calendars associated with each event on the website), or to make an appointment to visit the farm store if we can find a mutually convenient time.


We realize that this doesn't make it particularly easy to visit the farm, and we apologize, but we are busy running the farm most of the time and we've found this is the only way we can manage everything.

Hope we see you at one of our tours or experiences soon.

If you do want to make an appointment to visit the farm store, you should be aware that the large group of Butternut Goldens in the Golden Retriever Experience do not live here on Golden Dog Farm. They are only here for the experience.

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