Organic Vermont Maple Syrup

Golden Dog Farm Vermont


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Maple Syrup was a treat enjoyed by the continent's indigenous people long before the European settlers arrived and it has a prominent place in their lore. Our family has a special affinity for the Ojibway tribe - and their name for maple syrup was sheesheegummavvis, meaning "sap flows fast."

Today, we believe there is no better maple syrup than that you'll find being made from the sap that "flows" from the taps of the Golden Dog Farm maples. 

Wood-fired. Small Batch. Certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. 

Single-sourced from our sugar woods. Never blended. Never infused. Just great tasting maple syrup, made and enjoyed as it has been for centuries. 

Once folks try the maple syrup from Golden Dog Farm, we think it will "flow fast" off our virtual shelves too. So get some while it is still available!

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