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We love sharing everything about Golden Dog Farm. From the trees to the bees. From the vines to the wines. A general walking tour on Golden Dog Farm takes about two hours. The golden retrievers will join us when available. We do daily tours at 10:00am which can be booked here. We also can do tours by appointment, please contact us at or 513-633-1003 to arrange.

The  General Farm Tour includes:

1) A visit to and an explanation of the history of the buildings here - including 4 different buildings from the 1700's.

2) A walk in the vineyard, with an explanation of the different varieties and what the winemaking process entails.

3) A visit to the different orchards. We have apple, pear, plum, apricot, peach and cherry trees here.

4) A visit to the berry section of the farm. We have elderberries, high bush cranberries, blueberries and currants. We also have pine nuts and hazelnuts.

5) A visit to the two apiaries. We have a Slovenian bee house (AZ house) and a traditional bee yard with Langstroth hives.

6) The tour ends with a Maple syrup tasting.

Tours of our sugarbush/sugarhouse are happening now, just book The Maple Sugarhouse Tour. 

1) Learning about the 1700's era farm buildings, visiting the Slovenian bee house and learning all things sugarmaking while hiking to and visiting the sugarhouse. And lastly, toasting with shots of maple syrup!

NOTE: When booking, please provide an email for us to send you confirmation and details about your upcoming tour. Thank you!

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