Golden Dog Farm Candle

Golden Dog Farm LLC

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These candles look great, smell great, and make wonderful gifts for those scent seekers in your life! The candles are handcrafted in repurposed wine bottle bases in eight amazing scents - Pine Forest, Balsam + Cedar, Vanilla Sandalwood, Sea Salt + Orchid, Basil Sage Mist, Merlot, Butterfly Meadow and Clean Cotton. While there are hints of a couple of these scents floating through the air at Golden Dog Farm, we went beyond the farm borders to find some attractive scents for our line-up. We didn't know how authentic farm scents like "Wet Dog," "Dad, I rolled in Goose Poop, " and "Look, I caught the skunk!" would go over in our candle line-up. Maybe we will expand the line-up to include some gag (literally, they would make you gag) scents in the future!

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